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The evaluation’s main purpose is to identify all the upgrades and renovations required to add value to your property.

The evaluation phase is a very important one throughout the renovation process due to its complexity, as it can impact the overall project budget, schedule, and quality.

At White Glove Estates we make sure to assess the optimal components prices from the aspect of market value increase. Thus, by limiting the size of investments into your estate renovation to the “right amount & efforts”, we spell the difference between market values before and after renovation.

Our team of qualified and experienced workers have the knowledge to solve project challenges of any size, from the simplest repair or renovation to the most complex, multi-phase rebuild.

We have all the resources needed to complete any task. This means manpower and/ or equipment and materials and we cover all the required services during a renovation or construction project, including management and supervision.

While interior design is a well-known concept and process, at White Glove Estates we know that planning is the key when it comes to creating a space that is both functional and beautiful, and that meets all the client’s needs.

Why is that?

Because planning consists of conducting a thoroughly analysis of how the property’s physical space should be used, by carefully dividing and allotting interior space to meet the lifestyle of our client.

Thus when it comes to interior design, our team of talented designers will make sure to effectively bring together the use of materials, aesthetics and color with practicality and function.

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To do so, we provide mood boards that will help our clients define what their own style is while allowing us to build a clear design story that we want to use in the space.

Staging your home to attract prospective buyers is not an option anymore, as we all know that a staged property will sell faster and at a higher value than its non-staged competitors.

That is why a good staging will always ensure a good return of investment. 

At White Glove Estates we work with the best teams of accredited home stagers with years of experience, and we are able to provide entire home staging for vacant or occupied homes.

While staging is all about getting your property ready to hit the market, real estate photography is about selling your estate.

This is why at White Glove Estates we work with skilled photographers who specialize in architectural and luxury real estate photography and we provide a broad range of services, such as aerial and drone photography, virtual staging, video walkthroughs, and 3D renderings.